Tip Of The Cap

The Mentor/s

The Master Splinter to our Ninja Turtles, the Phil Jackson to our Jordan. What Dan"8-Bit" Rechlin doesn't know about coffee, isn't worth knowing. The undisputed king of underground coffee roasting, 8-bit has taken us under his wing, with no further motivation other than helping out some fellow brothers of the bean. In what at times must be like trying to talk sense into some excitable puppies, Rechlin is largely responsible for our coffee roasting trajectory moving past the 'questionably drinkable mud' stage. Massive tip of the cap to Dan for all his help, we certainly appreciate it.  

With Rechlin delivering the local orders to straighten our ties and polish our shoes, Josh has forged a close bond with an offshore lad omnipresent in the Oregon & Colorado specialty coffee scenes. While perpetually 17 time zones behind us here in Brisbane, Bobby Grover of Thump Coffee has been instrumental over the years in exposing us to a US style approach to roasting and brewing, as well as making coffee commercially attractive without compromising on quality. Apart from being a tycoon of all things coffee, Bobby rides bikes and drives a Defender. But these attractive stylings are over and above the kindred spirits Josh and Bobby share. Now get you ass over to Oz Bobby mate!

The Art

All of the killer Skullduggery art is by Lucy from Salty Days Art. Lucy is an amazing artist from Noosa, and we're so stoked to have her doing our artwork, we reckon it's totally ripper! Check her work out at: