Spinning The Yarn


It’s a commodity of regal importance, a thrall for humanity. A vice so severe and vehemently addictive, life becomes unimaginable without it. Beer also comes to mind here, but let’s not lose focus already. At Skullduggery, we're the new guys. We don't yet have a cafe and we don't have a fledgling roastery with chic recycled timber and lavishly appointed industrial decor. Outside of this digital coffee odyssey, we have real jobs. Actually, we don’t really have real jobs. You could say that we are purveyors of the sporting dream, something not very 'real world' in any sense. We're probably those guys you marvel at performing perfectly glacial and majestic track stands at the traffic lights while you're driving to work. But day jobs aside, we are passionate about coffee and believe that our sporting careers and coffee are inexorably linked in a number of ways. First and foremost, the fulfilment of the former always comes down to the availability and quality of the latter. We couldn't think about throwing a leg over the steed without first pursing our lips around a ceramic cup bursting with sensorial delight. Debunking a popular dogma, this is not to say we can't live without caffeine. Our obsession lies in the rituals and infinite wonder of coffee; something we hope to pass onto our customers. Likewise, similar to the unabated dedication we have to preparing our bodies for the rigours of endurance sports, we recognise and honour the time invested into our carefully selected coffees by the hands we don't see; the farmers, the laborers, their families and the local communities built and existing on the foundations of this industry. We endeavour to never forsake those that have toiled the land to bring us the pleasures of coffee. 

Ironically, we are not the underhand and unscrupulous lads that our namesake suggests. While we do want to have a laugh and ruffle some feathers along the way, Skullduggery is primarily a vehicle for sharing our passion in coffee to whomever is interested in experienceing it. As a footnote to this, it's also a further personal exploration into the wonders of this fine nectar of nature. Skullduggery is perhaps also a social experiment in ways, asking questions such as ‘will anyone actually buy our stuff?’ Well, we hope you do, because we reckon it's pretty good, and we reckon you shouldn't be afraid of trying something new or different. We reckon you shouldn't be afraid to beat your chest, follow your passion and shout 'Yes, I bloody well demand high quality coffee, and I don't give a damn about how many times I get called a coffee snob by my family, spouse, coworkers or colleagues!" So go on avid reader of nonsensical monologues, why so aloof? Support the underdog, the semi-semi-pro lads sitting on milk crates and giving it a lightly roasted but full bodied go!